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We provide a comprehensive and flexible range of contract pharmaceutical packaging services in our HPR-approved facility. At Pharmapac we understand the complex, challenging and sensitive nature of the pharmaceutical business – and our quality operations reflect this in every way. We will spend time with you to truly understand your requirements, while our services and systems are flexible to accommodate complete customisation.

All services can be tailored to meet the full spread of your needs, including the repackaging of  customised products to conform to local requirements, contract pharmaceutical packaging rework (such as inspection, salvaging products from blisters or bottles and full kitting and repackaging), over-labelling or the addition of inserts and information sheets.

Design of all Pharmaceutical Packaging Requirements

As part of Pharmapac’s turnkey pharmaceutical packaging solution, our in-house designers work closely with you to ensure packaging and labels meet your specific requirements. To ensure optimal efficiency we offer a wide range of formats and can supply all types of packaging, including outer cases, trays and cartons.


All labels can be applied either by hand or by automatic label applicator depending on the positioning of the label.  We can print and supply all types of labels, including:

  • ITF/EAN Codes (Full summary report and traceability) Decoded
  • Tamper-Evident Labels
  • Promotional
  • Type Adhesive
  • Dry Labels

Qualified Person (QP) Services

We have Quality expertise available to meet your specific needs, including a Qualified Person to handle any job which specifies the need for QP release – ensuring efficient and cost-effective delivery.

Inspection Handling

We provide a full product-inspection facility to facilitate defective product-removal and traceability.

End-of-Line Services

You are able to supply in bulk form and we pack to meet your requirements.

General Packaging and Kitting Services

  • Leaflet removal and insertion.
  • Re-coding and traceability.
  • Addition, removal and repackaging of product and components.
  • Collation and over-wrapping of individual or cases units.
  • Full kitting service (this can involve combining elements from your own manufacturing facilities together with those from multiple supplier sources, to produce a final market-ready kit.



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Sales & Logistics Olivia Flynn


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